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Aaravadhu Vanam Tamil Movie Watch Online Free Reviews

Aaravadhu Vanam Tamil Movie

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Starring: Bhushan, Vidya, Bose Venkat

Director: R. Bhuvanesh

Music: Haribabu.R

Producer: Latha Thyagarajan

Aaravadhu Vanam is releasing on
May 30, 2010

Aaravdhu Vanam

The film is written and directed by Mr. R. Bhuvanesh and stars new comers Bhushan and Vidya as the lead pair with Bose Venkat playing a never before seen character in tamil cinema.

The title of the film is derived from the Mahabaratha in which the sixth forest (Aaravathu Vanam) was supposed to be the toughest for the Pandavas to go through and the battle was the bloodiest in the whole war when going through this passage. Likewise here too the characters in the village Aaravathu Vanam face tough challenges.
Director R.Bhuvanesh has honed his skills under such maverick filmmakers such as R.Parthiban and S.D. Sabha and has chosen an unusual subject for his debut vehicle and has worked hard to ensure a gripping film that is bound to keep the audience spell binded all through the film. R. Bhuvanesh apart from penning the screenplay and dialogues has also written the lyrics for three of the six songs.

A Village’s unimaginable grace for Aaravadhu Vanam

‘Have you ever imagined about requesting the villagers to vacate their lands for 5 days to shoot a film?’ Naturally, it’s something more off an unimaginable question. Maybe, there are chances of getting scourged for putting forth a hard request.

But it has happened in reality as entire habitants vacated their village for the sake of filming. Yes, it happened in a village ‘Singaram Paalayam’ located near Kovai district (20Kms from Pollachi).

Director Bhuvanesh, who was awestruck with such humble gestures of villagers, says, “The Pandavas Kingdom got through intolerable vain during the phase of ‘Aaravadhu Vanam’ as they spent their lives like vagrants. In all likelihood, here happens to be a village that undergoes unbearable turmoil for the sake of ‘LOVE’.

‘It’s not a myth, but a real incident that shook the entire nation where entire village community vacated their lands for the sake young couple in love. Even today, we tend notice that the village is occupied by none other than this couple’ says director Bhuvanesh.

Aaravadhu Vanam - A Village’S Sacrifice For Love

Nothing surpasses love when it comes to films, but here’s a storm of surprises that has happened in reality. The film ‘Aaravadhu Vanam’ is based on a real life incident about entire village community vacating their lands for the sake young couple in love. Even today, the village is occupied merely by this two and no one else.

Director Bhuvanesh making his debut directorial wanted to film ‘Aaravadhu Vanam’ in the same village, but the couple didn’t allow them to do so.

Without any options left, the crew journeyed across various crossroads and finally nailed down ‘Singaram Paalayam’ located near Kovai district (20Kms from Pollachi). But again, the villagers were infuriated on the plea of filmmaker to vacate their lands for 5 whole days. As they were explained about the contextual scenario and complete script, the villagers changed their minds and heeded to their petitions.

For the next 5 days, not even a single child did enter the village and the filming was done without any interruption. ‘I cannot forget this moment till my last breath exists for no one would have done this in the history of Tamil cinema…’ says director Bhuvanesh.

Bhuvanesh had earlier worked with ace filmmakers like Bhagyaraj and Parthiban and this film features Kannada actor Bhooshan and Vidya from God’s own country taking on lead roles.

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