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Sinam Tamil Movie Watch Online Free Reviews

Sinam Tamil Movie

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Starring: Sathyaraj, Navdeep, Bhumika Chawla, Kim Sharma

Director: P A Arun Prasad

Music: Mani Sharma

Producer: P A Arun Prasad

Sinam is releasing on
June 25, 2010

Sathyaraj performs the role of CBI officer in Sinam

Very few actors make a successful endeavor in film industry. Well, Sathyaraj isn’t an exception gaining good appreciations over these years.

Now, the actor has decided to get along with interestingly exceptional roles. It was more illustrious with some of his previous films- ‘Periyar’ and ‘Onbadhu Roobai Nottu’. His forthcoming film ‘Sinam’ features him in the role of a CBI officer on the hunt of serial killer in Thailand.

Raju and Praveen Kumar produce the film under the banner name of Down-Down Films Pvt. Ltd and Arun Prasad directs it. Bhoomika Chawla does the female lead role while Navdeep, Sathyan and others will be donning prominent roles.

Actor Sathyaraj is confident that ‘Sinam’ will offer a great show for the audiences. Although, the film is based on murder-mystery, Sathyaraj assures that there would be more mirthful moments.

Mani Sharma has scored music and remixed MGR’s yesteryear song ‘Aadaludan Paadalum’. Thailand based Sheika choreographs stunts and Bharani K Dharan has cranked camera. Major portion of the shooting has been completed and producers have planned to release the film in September.

Sathyaraj asks for Endhiran VCD!

Sathyaraj, still a really strong ruling actor and comedian of Tamil cinema is busy with his next venture Sinam. He is so touched by his role in the movie that he seems to express with joy the threads of his character. He plays the role of a crime detective unearthing a murder. Added to that goes his movie craze which makes him watch all releases immediately even at times in illegal VCDs. The supporting role is played by Satyan who ably enhances Sathyaraj’s comical twists and turns in Sinam.

This combo has already proved their prowess together and so gives great expectations to the viewers on the possibilities of becoming a super hit new comedy duo in Tamil cinema. “There is a scene in the movie wherein I ask Sathyan for Endhiran VCD and he tells me that the release itself is only after a month.”, so says Actor Sathyaraj. He says this scene is just to emphasize his cinema craze.

Navdeep and Bhumika are cast in Sinam, a movie produced by Downtown Productions Ltd. The Director of movie is Badhri and Arunprasad takes care of story, screenplay and script. Major shots have been taken in Bangkok.

This movie has a remix of Aadaludan Paadalai Ketpadhil Sugam Sugam of the olden days hit movie Kudiyirundha Koil. Sathyaraj has a justification for this remix which he feels certainly will evince interest in the youth. He says that it is not to spoil the golden tempo of the song but instead to have the pleasure of acting in this song which belongs to his favorite hero. He compares this joy with that of getting an autograph from one’s favorites or the enthusiasm of a debutante in reciting Kattabomman’s dialogue .

Generally a committed actor, no doubt Sathyaraj is poised give better than his earlier best performances as he feels that this role has moved him to the core. We can surely expect another distinct tickle to our backbones from Sathyaraj.


Guess, who is doing the most number of tamil films in 2010?

It is none other than our 56 year old "SATHYARAJ".

Well, back in those late 80's and 90's, there were many people (including my relatives and friends) who used to say that actors like Prabhu, Vijayakanth and Karthik were either having "far" better looks or acting potential that could sustain long enough for years to come when compared to Sathyaraj whose selection of movies were quite bizarre.

There were many who never even recognized him as a front line actor or challenged that he would soon be wiped off from the movie industry. Were you one of them?


There were few others including me who were always putting him in the ranks of Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth. Agreed that during his peak time of acting, he himself did not extract as to which movies to opt for or which roles to play most of the while, but I did recognize an innovative skill in him where he could play positive and negative roles together with ease.

Take for instance, his super hit movies like Nadigan, Brahma or Walter Vetrivel where he perfectly donned the heroic role. None other than himself could have matched the roles he had portrayed in Vedham Pudhidhu or Onbadhu Roobai Nottu. He had a perfect finesse of comedy timing with Goundamani. His role as a villain needs no mention at all. The very popular one-liners like "Thagadu Thagadu" or "Ennamma Kannu" elucidates them.

It has been a decade since we have seen them all but coming to the present age, he is scheduled to be acting in 10 movies this year. Sinam, Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal, Aagathan, Guru Sishyan, Muriyadi, Aayiram Vilakku, Kulasekharanum Koolippadayum, Gowravargal, Ponnar Shankar and Irandu Mugham are the movies that are currently being filmed.

With all these potential in acting at this age, One might wonder why some of his movies doesn't fit him well while he should really be working with top notch directors who have the ability to pull off the right acting skills in display !

Well, It is contemporary to note that he is better accepted and liked by the industry than his son and actor - Sibiraj.

Best wishes for his continued excellence in the celluloid screen.

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Thambi Arjuna Tamil Movie Watch Online Free Reviews

Thambi Arjuna Tamil Movie

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Starring: Suman, Feroz Khan, Aashima, Dheena

Director: Vijay R Anand

Music: Dheena

Thambi Arjuna is releasing on
June 25, 2010

Ramana: Thumbs up with 'Thambi Arjuna'

Ramana is back after a break. The 'Nayakan' actor is playing an angry youth who paints the town red for love in 'Thambi Arjuna'.

Directed by Vijay R Anand, a former associate of Arun Pandian, the movie features Suman, French artiste Feroz Khan and Aashima.

Speaking about the movie, the director, says, "Women always occupied a prominent place in history.

They created and destroyed many empires. 'Thambi Arjuna' is a tale of a young woman and her lover."

Suman plays a tough policeman, while Feroz Khan, who is a kickboxer, plays a baddie. Music composer Dheena takes to acting in this movie.

A great admirer of Ram Gopal Varma films, Vijay R Anand says, "I want my movies to do all the talking. It will be shot using state-of-the-art technology. Action sequences are the highlights of the film".

Ramana has undergone rigorous workout and toned his physique for the role. Filmmaker Aabavannan has sung a song.

Produced by G M Balaji, shooting for 'Thambi Arjuna' is on at a fast pace. Dheena has scored the music while Madhavraj is taking care of cinematography.

25 minutes graphics in Thambi Arjuna film

25 minutes graphic scenes are taking place in the film Thambi Arjuna.

Director Vijay R Anand while speaking about this said,” Normally graphic scenes will be utilized in fantasy and sci-fi films.

For the first time graphics is being used for an action film. This is not a forced one. The story demands the graphic scenes. Ramana is doing the lead role in this film.

We had approached Sarath Kumar to do his brother’s role who is a don. But since he was preoccupied with other commitments he was not able to give us call sheet. So I caught hold of a Malayalam actor Feroz Khan who resembles Sarath Kumar.

Malayalam actress Sharmila is pairing with him. Ashima is pairing with Ramana. The climax scenes are to be shot in a helicopter in an important place in Chennai. We are waiting for Government permission.”

The climax of Thambi Arjuna starring Ramana and Feroz Khan took a horrific turn...

A freak fire accident caused severe injuries and burns to the heroine Ashima who was shooting the climax.

The scene required her to be surrounded by fire and kerosene was poured around her accordingly. But suddenly due to a freak accident, the fire caught up with her and her legs were completely burned.

Ramana, director Vijay Anand and stunt master Michael heard her terrified screams and ran to rescue her.

She was taken to hospital immediately. The shooting was interrupted for over one hour but then continued thereafter. Ashima is undergoing treatment at a hospital.

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Nanjupuram Tamil Movie Watch Online Free Reviews

Nanjupuram Tamil Movie

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Starring: Raghav, Monica, Anuya

Director: Charles

Music: Raghav

Nanjupuram is releasing on
May 30, 2010

Fantasy film Nanjupuram releases next month

Next month will see the release of a fantasy film Nanjupuram. Set in a village backdrop, the thriller is laced with lots of special effects and computer graphics.

The film stars Raghav and Monica in lead roles. Raghav has earlier acted in character roles in Ae Nee Romba Azhaga Irruke and Sattham Podathe. This is his first film as hero.

This is the also the debut film of director Charles. Raghav, who had composed music for one song of Ae nee..... has composed the music for the film.

Anuya set to scorch the screen in Nanjupuram

Anuya, who debuted in the film ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’ opposite Jeeva more than an year ago, acted in last year’s ‘Madurai Sambavam’ as one of the two heroines opposite Harikumar. Thoug both films were successful ventures, Anuya hasn’t got many offers as she could probably have expected. Now she is performing an item song in ‘Nanjupuram’.

‘Nanjupuram’ is produced by J. Satish Kumar on behalf of a new production house titled JSK Film Corporation. The film, directed by first-timer Charles, is about the populace of a Village which lives in the grip of fear of snakes. Raghav, a popular face on small screen, debuts as hero besides taking on the additional responsibility of scoring the music of the film too.

Anuya, who agreed to dance for an ‘item number’ in the film along with hero Raghav, shot for the song sequence at the now-famous Binny Mill compound on the outskirts of Chennai. When asked as to what made her agree to do the solitary song in the film, Anuya said that she befriended Raghav while adjudicating a reality dance show on a popular television channel.


A press meet of Nanjupuram, an upcoming movie directed by Charles, was held in Devi Sridevi preview theatre (Chennai). Although the movie is about snakes, it will not promote the superstitious beliefs usually associated with serpents in Hindu mythology, says director Charles.

According to the director, Nanjupuram is a thriller about a man who dares to enter a village occupied by thousands of snakes. “The movie will also touch upon caste issues,” Charles adds. Nanjupuram is scored by Raghav, the TV star.

Anuya danced for a song in Nanjupuram

Anuya has danced for a single song for the film Nanjupuram. J Sathish Kumar is producing a film titled Nanjupuram under the banner J S K Film Corporation. This film is about a whole a village which is scared of snakes.

Charles has written the story, screenplay and directing this film. Raghav is donning the lead role and is also composing the music for this film. Anuya had acted in films Siva Manusle Sakthi and Madurai Sambhavam. She has danced for a song in this film. The song sequence where she danced with the hero Raghav was shot in Binny Mills.

When asked Anuya about this, she said,” When I participated in a TV programme, Raghav became my friend. He told me the story of Nanjupuram. I liked it. Because of this I agreed to dance for a song in this film.”

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Rakta Charitra Tamil Movie Watch Online Free Reviews

Rakta Charitra Tamil Movie

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Starring: Vivek Oberoi,
Surya, Priyamani, Radhika Apte,
Shatrughan Sinha

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Music: Mani Sharma

Producer: Madhu Mantena,
Sheetal Vinod Talwar

Rakta Charitra is releasing on
May 25, 2010

Rakta Charitra… now or never

“He will bounce back”… that’s what a few in the industry had very confidently mentioned to me in person during my visit to Bombay earlier this year.

I didn’t believe it. I thought he was done and out. I would only carry memories of some of those impactful hitting me right on the head stories and even trailers he’d made ever since I started watching his movies in 1990. I still can’t get over the long Shiva trailer (the first one) where he’d only followed the back of Zutshi as he was running from people chasing him to kill him. Just the back of the actor through out the length of the trailer, nothing else. I was hooked. Who was this guy?

Well maybe its time to reaffirm the faith… and if the stills of Rakta Charitra are anything to go by, I’m sold on it. Of course there’s the devil’s distance between mere pictures and the actual movie, but nevertheless I’ve got my blood pumping up again, for I haven’t been grabbed by stills of Ram Gopal Varma’s movies since Company.

Surya’s ‘Rakta Charitra’ outlook!

It is known that Surya has been roped in for Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Rakta Charitra’ to play the role of Maddelacheruvu Suri in the film. The movie’s first look pictures have come out. Surya has been shown in a mass and rough look to suit the real life character of Suri. Surya will be seen deglamorously in the film. However, his role in the film is quite challenging and as equal as the lead role, Vivek Oberoi who is portraying the role of a rebel-turned politician Paritala Ravi.

Rakta Chaitra is being made trilingually and it has two parts ‘Rakta Charitra 1′ and ‘Rakta Charitra 2′. The former part deals with the rise of Paritala Ravi while the latter one deals with how Ravi was trapped in enemies’ plans. According to grapevine, Surya will be seen fuming with the revenge in the film.

Rs.30 Crores budget for ‘Rakta Charitra’

Ram Gopal Varma’s new movie ‘Rakta Charitra’ is being made at a budget of Rs.30 crores if sources are to be believed.

As informed by RGV about the two part movie of the story, it is not clear if the budget is for both the parts put together or just the first part!

With Tamil’s happening star Suriya acting along with Bollywood hero Vivek Oberoi, RGV has not compromised in experimenting their looks, clothes and everything tangible.

Being a master in showing crime related movies on celluloid like ‘Satya’, ‘Company’, ‘Sarkar’ and many more, it would be interesting to see the real life story of Paritala Ravi and Maddelu Cheruvu Suri on celluloid especially in RGV’s style.

Though the initial pictures of the lead actors have come out, the movie is being shot under tight wraps, not leaking any more information. Watch out for this space for more updates.

Vivek doing action again

Vivek Oberoi was over the moon with the mega opening his film Prince received.

While we wondered whether the reception was courtesy the three hot, skimpily clad women he was romancing, Vivek is now looking confident about his once sinking career. After Prince Vivek is shooting for Ram Gopal Verma's Rakta Charitra which is yet another innovation from Ramu. The film will be simultaneously released in three languages -- Tamil, Telegu and Hindi. The film is a five hour film which will be released in two parts with a gap of three months.

Apart from all this, Vivek apparently has now stumbled onto something big. He said ecstatic, "I have got to get into the best shape of my life for this amazing new film I have signed. I need to thank you all for your prayers and good wishes!Your magic is working." Vivek is not revealing anything further but with his excitement clearly indicates to something big. We promise to keep all of you updated.

Priyamani with Surya for Rakta Charitra

Southern Belle Priyamani is going places. After her work in Ravana with Mani Ratnam, now she will be seen in Ram Gopal Verma’s Rakta Charitra. She will be paired with Surya who is already a part of the cast and is playing a parallel important role in the film.

‘Rakta Charitra’ to be simultaneously made in Hindi as well as Tamil and Surya’s co-star for this movie will be Vivek Oberai.

“The film’s shooting would be held at a stretch but the release would be in two parts which would be spaced out over three months,” Varma is reported to have said. He is going to call the films Rakta Charitra I and Rakta Charitra II.

Rakta Charitra is supposed to be based on the slain political leader Paritala Ravindra. The first part is scheduled for a 2010 release with Viviek Oberoi in the lead and will co-star Shatrughan Sinha, Raj Babbar and Radhika Apte. Tamil actor Surya Sivakumar will play the role of Ravi’s assassin Maddelacheruvu Suri in both the parts.

Radhika Apte speaks on Raktha Charitra

Radhika Apte is the debut heroine of the multiple National Award winning Bengali film, Antaheen. (No, she did not get any National Award.) Now the lady is all set to make her Bollywood debut with RGV’s Raktha Charitra opposite Vivek Oberoi.

Raktha Charitra is based on the life of Paritala Ravi, a prime suspect in many murders. Radhika Apte will play the role of Paritala Ravi’s wife in the film. The film is a trilingual (Hindi, Telugu and Tamil).

“We haven’t finished shooting RC yet. It should get done by May. Ramu is fantastic and I’m lucky to have been cast in this film. He has immense clarity and works at great pace. His style of film-making is completely different from that of Aniruddha’s,” she said to a leading English daily.

“I knew about Paritala Ravi before I was approached for the movie. I’m playing Paritala Ravi’s wife. I haven’t met her in real life. Ramu has. He has also narrated stories about her. Besides, there is some footage available on her that I needed to study to ensure that my on-screen look comes close to hers,” she added.

Interestingly, Tamil star Suriya has also been cast in a pivotal role in the film!

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Singam Puli Tamil Movie Watch Online Free Reviews

Singam Puli Tamil Movie

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Starting: Jiiva, Divya Spandana, Livingston, Santhanam and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
Music: Mani Sharma

production: S. Parthi and S.S. Vasan

Cinematographer: M.S. Prabhu

Story, Screenplay and Direction : Sairamani

Singam Puli Movie

After Siva Manasule Sakthi, actor Jiiva plays a dual role in Singam Puli.

The Singam Puli movie produced by S. Parthi and S.S. Vasan for Silverline Film Factory.

Director Sairamani handles the story, screenplay and direction of the movie.

Divya Spandana plays the female lead. Jiiva plays a dual role as lawyer and a man selling fish in a fishmarket. Singam Puli music is by Mani Sharma.

M.S. Prabhu of Ayan fame is the cinematographer. Livingston,Santhanam and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan are part of the cast.

Singam Puli is launched

Silver line Film Factory managed by S.Parthi and S.S Vaasan steps into cinema for the first time to produce the movie titled ‘Singam Puli’.

Directed by Sairamani the movie’s music is tuned by Manisharma.Puja of the movie was held at AVM old Pillayar Kovil today morning around 9-10.30 am.

For the first time Jeeva, the lead hero of the movie plays dual role. Divya Spandana is his lead pair. One character of Jiiva enacts a man who sells fish.Singam Puli is set to roll camera very soon!

Jiiva on busy schedules! - Ko, Singam Puli, Vandhan Vendran, Roudram

Jiiva is one actor who's always ready to accept new and challenging roles. Siva Manasula Sakthi threw light on his abilities to excel in a light-hearted role with varied shades of emotions. On his own terms, the actor has made commendable progress ever since he started acting under his home banner of Super Good Films.

Audiences appreciated how this talented youngster shone in his challenging roles in Raam and Katrathu Tamizh. Jiiva's unique attempts have always won him astounding laurels. He is often considered as a special actor who has the ability to come up with spellbinding looks and performances in all his films.

His upcoming films includes Ko, Singam Puli, Vandhan Vendran and Roudram. Ko, which features him as a photo journalist, is an edge-of-the-seat thriller directed by cinematographer-turned-filmmaker K.V. Anand. Vandhan Vendran is a crime thriller directed by Kannan, an associate of Mani Ratnam. There are also reports that Gemini Film Circuit approached Jiiva to enact the role of Sharman Joshi in the Tamil remake of 3 Idiots. Looks like all izz well for this actor!

Singam Puli story is racy

After a commercial outing in ‘Kacheri Aarambam’, Jeeva is working on ‘Singam Puli’, a film that will feature him in a dual role for the first time. For the actor will play the hero as well as villain in the movie directed by Sai Ramani.

Singam Puli’ features Divya Spandana and Soundarya as heroines. Produced by Silverline Film Factory, the film would have Santhanam, Ponvannan, Kuyili, Pandu, Meera Krishnan and Manickam Vinayakam as the supporting cast.

Says Jeeva, “I play a double role for the first time. The story is racy and interesting. It is a great delight to be part of the project. Acting in two different roles is no doubt a challenging task. I am enjoying it thoroughly.”

Apart from ‘Singam Puli’, Jeeva is currently acting in ‘Ko, Vandhan Vendran’ and ‘Roudram’. ‘Ko’ features him in the role of a photo-journalist and is directed by cinematographer-turned-filmmaker K V Anand.

Jeeva plays a dual role in Singam Puli

Singam Puli รข€“ This is the new film to be produced by S Parthiban and SS Vasan on behalf of Silverline Film Factory.

For the first time in his career, Jeeva plays a dual role and is paired with Divya Spandana of Polladhavan fame. After the terrific success of Siva Manasula Sakthi, the Jeeva-Santhanam Jodi is all set to keep you in splits in this film.

Almost every major Kollywood hero has tasted success when he has played a dual role. Unit sources reveal that the dual role played by Jeeva in this film will be equally memorable and unique.

The film is touted to be an action entertainer with large doses of comedy. To Jeeva, who has been doing a variety of roles, this will be another feather in his cap. He plays the role of a fish vendor. A three-acre set of a fish market has been constructed for the filming.

Visual effects by Venky are touted be another highlight.
Debutant director Sai Ramani has worked under big names like KR, Sureshkrissna and SP Jananathan.

Shooting for the film will start by June and will take place in the exotic locations of Hyderabad, Vizag, Singapore, Malaysia and a few European countries.

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Aaravadhu Vanam Tamil Movie Watch Online Free Reviews

Aaravadhu Vanam Tamil Movie

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Starring: Bhushan, Vidya, Bose Venkat

Director: R. Bhuvanesh

Music: Haribabu.R

Producer: Latha Thyagarajan

Aaravadhu Vanam is releasing on
May 30, 2010

Aaravdhu Vanam

The film is written and directed by Mr. R. Bhuvanesh and stars new comers Bhushan and Vidya as the lead pair with Bose Venkat playing a never before seen character in tamil cinema.

The title of the film is derived from the Mahabaratha in which the sixth forest (Aaravathu Vanam) was supposed to be the toughest for the Pandavas to go through and the battle was the bloodiest in the whole war when going through this passage. Likewise here too the characters in the village Aaravathu Vanam face tough challenges.
Director R.Bhuvanesh has honed his skills under such maverick filmmakers such as R.Parthiban and S.D. Sabha and has chosen an unusual subject for his debut vehicle and has worked hard to ensure a gripping film that is bound to keep the audience spell binded all through the film. R. Bhuvanesh apart from penning the screenplay and dialogues has also written the lyrics for three of the six songs.

A Village’s unimaginable grace for Aaravadhu Vanam

‘Have you ever imagined about requesting the villagers to vacate their lands for 5 days to shoot a film?’ Naturally, it’s something more off an unimaginable question. Maybe, there are chances of getting scourged for putting forth a hard request.

But it has happened in reality as entire habitants vacated their village for the sake of filming. Yes, it happened in a village ‘Singaram Paalayam’ located near Kovai district (20Kms from Pollachi).

Director Bhuvanesh, who was awestruck with such humble gestures of villagers, says, “The Pandavas Kingdom got through intolerable vain during the phase of ‘Aaravadhu Vanam’ as they spent their lives like vagrants. In all likelihood, here happens to be a village that undergoes unbearable turmoil for the sake of ‘LOVE’.

‘It’s not a myth, but a real incident that shook the entire nation where entire village community vacated their lands for the sake young couple in love. Even today, we tend notice that the village is occupied by none other than this couple’ says director Bhuvanesh.

Aaravadhu Vanam - A Village’S Sacrifice For Love

Nothing surpasses love when it comes to films, but here’s a storm of surprises that has happened in reality. The film ‘Aaravadhu Vanam’ is based on a real life incident about entire village community vacating their lands for the sake young couple in love. Even today, the village is occupied merely by this two and no one else.

Director Bhuvanesh making his debut directorial wanted to film ‘Aaravadhu Vanam’ in the same village, but the couple didn’t allow them to do so.

Without any options left, the crew journeyed across various crossroads and finally nailed down ‘Singaram Paalayam’ located near Kovai district (20Kms from Pollachi). But again, the villagers were infuriated on the plea of filmmaker to vacate their lands for 5 whole days. As they were explained about the contextual scenario and complete script, the villagers changed their minds and heeded to their petitions.

For the next 5 days, not even a single child did enter the village and the filming was done without any interruption. ‘I cannot forget this moment till my last breath exists for no one would have done this in the history of Tamil cinema…’ says director Bhuvanesh.

Bhuvanesh had earlier worked with ace filmmakers like Bhagyaraj and Parthiban and this film features Kannada actor Bhooshan and Vidya from God’s own country taking on lead roles.

Watch Aaravadhu Vanam Movie Trailer

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